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BT Add-ons

BT Micro (ultra sonic +micro current technology)

Expect 10 times more impact and longer lasting results to a normal skin treatment.

Peel and Penetrate R150.00

BT Nano (Micro Current Technology only)

What is Micro Current Technology?

Microcurrent is an extremely low level of electricity that mirrors the body’s own natural electrical
impulses. Microcurrent acts as an external source of energy that the body can use to accelerate, healthier looking skin.
It increases ATP synthesis ATP is referred to as the “energy of life” or “molecular currency”. It acts in the following ways to make life possible: ATP stores and transports energy for use in metabolism throughout the cell ATP allows all cellular activity, including oxygenation and respiration, DNA replication, muscle movement and, neurotransmission.

Studies indicate that a healthy human body will use what is equivalent to their body weight in ATP everyday. By the time that we reach the age of 60, this production will have deteriorated by nearly half. This fact certainly drives home the saying that when we age, we simply run out of energy!

Studies show that 20 days of Micro Current applied to the skin will increase collagen production by 14 % and Elastin by 48 %.

Bt Cocktail Lift (Add on to a skin treatment) R250
BT Nano Cocktail Lift only R350
Course of 6 Treatments (1/week for 6 weeks) R2100

Delux Rejuvenation

Purchase 6+1 Free
Course of 6 Dermalogica Age Smart Skin Treatments with the BT Cocktail lift R4350 + Free
Course of 6 Optiphi Peels with the Bt Cocktail lift R5100 + Free

Eye Rescue treatments

Micro current Rejuvenation for Eyes only. Lift and Revitalize tired puffy eye area.

Add- on to any treatment R100
Intense Eye treatment only R200
Course of treatments 6 +1 Free R1200 + 1 Free

Hand Rejuvenation

Reverse signs of ageing on the hands
Add –on to a Manicure R80
Agesmart Intensive Hand Rejuvenation Therapy R250
Course Of treatments R1500 + 1 Free

Acne Clearing Treatment

Micro Current increases the skins healing capabilities and also helps control break out activity whilst preventing post inflammatory scarring. An absolute must for any painful unwanted “out of control” breakouts no matter what your age!

Add On to your Acne Clearing Skin treatment R100
Pick me up 20 min R200
Course of 6 Specialised Acne clearing treatments + Bt Nano Clearing treatment R3000 + 1 Free